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Typical (boring) Engagement Gifts

When someone close to you gets engaged it is a really exciting and important time in both of your lives.  Whether you are a celebrity event planner or someone who runs when you find out you have to plan an event, it is important to always be by the bride’s side no matter what.  Your first gesture as a good friend is usually to congratulate the newly engaged couple.  Depending on your budget and other factors, usually an engagement gift for the couple is appropriate if it is a close friend or family member.



When a couple first gets engaged they typically do not run to start a wedding registry just yet so you get the joy of thinking of a fun engagement gift idea yourself! I always recommend getting something from the heart, something thoughtful and/or memorable as an engagement gift. You will have the time at the bridal shower to buy something off the bride and groom’s registry.

Here are some engagement gift ideas I have come across that are boring… in a world of Google and Pinterest, there is no need to be this boring, especially for such an EXCITING occasion!

Engagement gift idea 1: Wine or Champagne
Yes, this is the perfect gift for a celebration, however, is it really a gift? Unless you are popping Dom Perignon then try to think of something a little more thoughtful for the newly engaged couple.

Engagement gift idea 2: Gift Certificate
ummm can we say boring, unoriginal and not related to the occasion at all? I’m sorry, I’m not sorry, but I truly believe in getting thoughtful gifts that are related to the occasion.  A couple is getting married, think of something more creative than a restaurant gift certificate. Plus, engaged women are going into “wedding diet mode” so they may not necessarily want to go out for a huge meal right now.

Engagement gift idea 3: A gift from a bride’s registry
A successful engagement gift will be given to the bride and groom prior to an engagement party or at the engagement party… if you wait for a registry to be completed your gift will most likely be too late.

Engagement gift idea 4: Stemware
You should stay away from getting the newly engaged couple any type of gift that they may eventually register for.  This is a special time in a bride and groom’s relationship that they are able to shop together and spend no money, so let them go to the store and register for exactly what they want. Plus, brides have a lot of planning to do now, the last thing they want is another errand to run return your gift.

Instead of these boring engagement gift ideas, take your time to think of something thoughtful and that may help the bride and groom through their engagement and wedding.  A personalized picture frame is a perfect example – it is a thoughtful engagement gift idea, it is from the heart, and relevant to the occasion.

The best engagement gift idea is yet to come! In May we will be launching our first ever engagement gift!!

Click here to view the engagement gift idea. We are really excited because we know this is the perfect engagement gift for a couple.  It is creative, unique and handmade so it can be personalized for the bride and groom-to-be!  Click here to see a little more about our engagement gift idea.

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