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4th of July Non-Alcoholic Cocktail – Raspberry Lemonade

Happy Birthday America! One of the biggest summer parties of the year is just a few days away so let’s celebrate with a patriotic beverage for your 4th of July Party! We typically post alcoholic beverages as a Tipsy Tuesday Signature Cocktail, but in honor of my non-drinkers, kids and pregnant ladies, this week we [...]

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What side of the altar do the bride and groom stand on at a wedding ceremony?

While meeting with a bride yesterday, the question came up,  “does the bride always have to stand on the left side of the altar at a wedding ceremony?”.  This is a great question! If you have been to a wedding ceremony recently you probably realize the bride almost always stands on the left side of [...]

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Making an Ordinary Day, Extraordinary

Hello to all of our new subscribers, our current subscribers and all who found us via social media, search engines or referrals.   I wanted to provide a brief description of what this event planning blog is about. I presume that some people wonder why I post recipes or motivational quotes on a blog about [...]

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Wedding Day Playlist

You hire a makeup artist and a hair stylist and all of your girls are there getting ready but the day is surely missing something…. MUSIC!! Most women begin getting ready for the wedding many hours beforehand and when we sit around this long, we all need a little something to energize us – there’s [...]

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Idea For New Year’s Eve Wedding

New Year’s Eve may seem far away for many of you, but if you are a bride getting married on New Year’s Eve 2013, then your wedding planning is in full swing! Whether you are planning a New Year’s Eve wedding or plain old fun New Year’s party, it is a good time to start [...]

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Lace and Pearl Vintage Wedding Idea

Beautiful centerpiece idea for a simple and chic vintage wedding theme.

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Simple Event Planning Inspiration

If you are wedding planning without an experienced wedding planner, it can get stressful at times. Whether you are stressed from all of your to-do lists or if you have family and friends at your neck all day telling you what to do, it can get overwhelming. My simple inspiration for the day:  Surround yourself [...]

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Engagement Party Ideas That Everyone Will Enjoy

We all know engagement parties can be a little stuffy at times, or be mostly focused around the bride-to-be instead of the couple. Well here are a few tips to create a flawless and fun engagement party that everyone can enjoy Engagement Party Theme: to theme or not to theme, that is the question Although [...]

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Bridal Shower DIY Centerpiece Idea

DIY Centerpiece Idea for Bridal Shower: Spray painted wine bottles and tissue paper flowers. This idea is super easy (even for people who don’t consider themselves crafty) and really gives a personal touch to any bridal shower. Directions to spray paint wine bottles with chalkboard paint (or any color spray paint you choose): Step 1: Drink a lot of [...]

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Something Blue Dessert Table

If you are looking to incorporate some traditional wedding customs on your wedding day , i’m sure you started to think about ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue’. If you aren’t sure what to do for your ‘Something Blue’, consider doing a blue dessert table at your wedding or wedding after party.  Guests love dessert and [...]

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