Inspired Style Events

Modern ideas to help you make an ordinary day, extraordinary

Specialty Events

At Inspired Style Events, we are passionate about creativity and designing you the perfect event to meet your needs.  We plan general events such as weddings, birthday parties, corporate and social events. However, we are also dedicated to and focus on specialty niche events that aren’t offered by other local CT event planners.

Festive Fitness Party
If you are tired of the wild nights of drinking and hangovers, trade it in for an energizing ‘night in’ at a local fitness or yoga studio. Unwind from the stresses of life and bring happiness, health, and fun to your evening.

If you still want to party like a rock star, get fit before you get lit. Refresh and energize your body before you go out. Come in for an invigorating private workout with friends and use facilities to get ready together before you go out.*

Dadchelor Party
First time dads-to-be get a little nervous around the last trimester of their partner’s pregnancy – their life and wife is about to change, mentally, physically and emotionally. Inspired Style Events is here to plan a final outing for dads-to-be. The outing can be based on whatever your hubby loves to do the most, including golf outings, night out on the town, sporting events and more!

Divorce Party
We know this seems a little contradictory for us since we are wedding planners too, however, we want to meet everyone’s needs. And frankly, some of us get divorced. Divorce parties are a mark to the end of many sad and angry emotions that are often experienced during a separation process. A party is an opportunity to laugh, cry, vent or do whatever you need to move on and celebrate your new life. You can throw a party for a recently divorced friend or family member as a way to show them they are supported, loved and not alone.

Wine Tasting Party
Sometimes we just need a little whine in our life… I mean wine! If you are in need of a great night with your girlfriends where you can relax and catch-up, a wine tasting party is perfect for you. Inspired Style Events will organize a wine-tasting party that’s both educational and fun!   Whether you want to have a wine tasting in your home, at a vineyard* or at a local wine shop*, we can work with your needs and budget.

*subject to local area studio availability