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Creative and Fun Movie Night For Kids

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… some weeks each day tends to blend together, with the same old routine and schedule. Our goal at Inspired Style Events is to encourage you to get out of that boring old routine and make an ordinary day, extraordinary!  Here is an extraordinary idea to prepare for next week:Wednesday night rolls around and your kids are sick of school, homework and boring old chicken dinners… so plan a movie night! Either use an old movie they love or find one on TV that you can watch together as a family. I know it’s cheesy but I have a love for family bonding and it is really fun for kids to experience the movie theater atmosphere in the comfort of their own home.

While the movie is playing, set up a Popcorn Bar for ‘intermission’. We all know popcorn and the movies go hand-in-hand and this also is inspired by my passion for promoting healthier snacks for kids.  Popcorn is a healthy snack for adults and kids (especially in comparison to what’s out there these days).  It has great fiber content and low calories.  See below for healthy tips to look for when choosing popcorn. For a little extra fun, add some additional candy for the kids to mix with the popcorn like chocolate candy or nuts. Although this adds some extra calories, you can limit each kid to one spoonful of each and it makes it a really fun and unique experience for them.

kids party popcorn bar

Kids Movie Night With Popcorn Bar


Here are some things you can look for to choose healthy popcorn:

  • no hydrogenated oil
  • low in fat (less than 3 grams)
  • the least amount of saturated fat
  • less than 200mg of sodium
  • organic if possible


Source of information for healthy popcorn:


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