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Fancy Parisian Birthday Party

I am working on a few children’s birthday parties at the moment but for today I thought I would share some pictures from my daugther’s birthday party. She loved the “Fancy Nancy” books so we thought we would do a “Fancy Parisian” theme. For the invitations, we asked all the girls to wear their fanciest [...]

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Signature Cocktail: Raspberry Tequila Sangria

As the weather is warming up and summertime is on the way, I thought this signature drink was perfectly fitting. This week’s signature drink recipe is Raspberry Tequila Sangria. Ingredients: 2 oranges 3 limes 1/4 cup sugar 6 cups ice 1 (10 ounce) bag frozen sweetened raspberries 1 cup silver tequila 1/2 cup triple sec [...]

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Brides, Are you PinStressed? Target introduces Bridal Line!

As a continuation of our last post about Mom’s being PinStressed, we also realize Brides are among some of the most PinStressed people out there! According to a survey of 20,000 brides from the Knot the average woman spends $1,211 on her wedding dress.  In fact, the average cost of a wedding is the highest it’s been [...]

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Moms: Does Pinterest Cause You Stress? Are you PinStressed?

In a NBC TODAY study of 7,000 U.S. mothers, 42 percent said that they sometimes suffer from Pinterest stress. This is what I like to call: PinStressed PinStressed: the worry, stress and anxiety people have that they are not crafty, creative or wealthy enough (caused by the Pinterest craze). Symptoms include staying up all hours of [...]

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Tipsy Tuesday: Memorial Day Cocktail Recipe

Happy Tuesday Everyone! Starting to prep for your Memorial Day festivities? Here is the perfect signature cocktail for your Memorial Day party! Refreshing, delicious and easy to make, you can use this signature drink recipe for any Red, White and Blue holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day and 4th of July. Memorial Day Signature Cocktail [...]

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Fondue Party Idea

A few friends on a cool summer evening, warm cheese, chocolate, dippers and cocktails. If this sounds like a fun evening, a fondue party may be right up your alley. Read on and learn a fondue party idea you have never seen before. Like we always say, we are a Connecticut event planning company here to provide [...]

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What side of the altar do the bride and groom stand on at a wedding ceremony?

While meeting with a bride yesterday, the question came up,  “does the bride always have to stand on the left side of the altar at a wedding ceremony?”.  This is a great question! If you have been to a wedding ceremony recently you probably realize the bride almost always stands on the left side of [...]

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Signature Cocktail of the Week: Strawberry Mojito

How can you resist this fresh, summery, bright, refreshing, delicious cocktail? Strawberry Mojito Signature Cocktail Recipe: Ingredients for 1 Strawberry Mojito 4-5 fresh strawberries, depending on size Small handful of fresh mint leaves 3 oz simple syrup (even amounts of sugar and water, heated until the sugar melts, and cooled to room temperature) 2 oz [...]

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How to dress for engagement photos

What to wear for engagement photos? Brides-to-be spend days, weeks and sometimes months finding the perfect white dress for the big day. There are articles, pictures, advertisements, magazines and websites published for the sole purpose to suggest ideas for wedding dresses. What about outfit suggestions for engagement photos? Engagement photos are almost as important as the [...]

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Making an Ordinary Day, Extraordinary

Hello to all of our new subscribers, our current subscribers and all who found us via social media, search engines or referrals.   I wanted to provide a brief description of what this event planning blog is about. I presume that some people wonder why I post recipes or motivational quotes on a blog about [...]

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